Cruise around campus

The students on your holiday list deserve relief from their hectic schedules and excessive amounts of brain power needed throughout the semester. They want convenience, they want to save time, they want to get from point A to point B quickly and easily, and sometimes they just want to blow off some steam with a little fun. Enter the XP Lite eBike.

The XP Lite

Giving the gift of electric mobility allows students to abandon the parking pass and commute quicker and more efficiently. Weighing in at only 46lbs, the Lectric XP Lite is the perfect solution for campus life with its light, foldable design and comfortable ride. This eBike features five levels of pedal assist and a twist grip throttle, giving students the power and control to get to class quickly and easily, in addition to off-campus trips.

Gifts for Students

The semester is wrapping up soon. It’s time to close the textbook & gear up for some holiday fun! Students love the ease of commuting to class on an eBike. Wrap it up with a ribbon and bow and they’ll be bragging to their classmates in no time.

eBike Travel Backpack

With laptops, textbooks, and snacks in tow, a spacious 50-liter storage capacity eBike Travel Backpack. would be welcome under any student’s tree. The Travel Backpack includes a built-in protective laptop sleeve, water-resistant material, and stowaway backpack straps. Added bonuses are compliance with carry-on-sized luggage for easy airline travel and a perfect fit for the Lectric XPedition Orbitor cargo solution.

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Phone Mount

Outfit their XP Lite with a Phone Mount this holiday season. Ensure hands-free navigation and protection for their pricey devices.

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A must have for safety, Mirrors are easy to install and help students on crowded campuses keep an eye on what’s approaching from behind. Check your surroundings (or post-ride helmet hair) before heading into class.

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