Behind the Design - XP 3.0

Behind the Design - XP 3.0

Earlier this month, we welcomed the brand new passenger-compatible XP™ 3.0 into our Lectric eBikes lineup. Before this awesome new eBike's launch, Lectric cofounders Levi and Robby, as well as Lectric’s Product Manager, Matt, sat down to discuss how the XP™ 3.0 came to be, and what makes it one-of-a-kind! 

Testing the XP™ 3.0 eBike

Robby kicks off the discussion by talking about the extensive testing the XP™ 3.0 went through throughout the engineering process. Our team went the extra mile (literally) and traveled to San Francisco to test their new and improved eBike design on those famously tough hills. The testing at our HQ location here in Phoenix was also intense. They wanted to perfect the design and get as much range out of the battery and motor as they could. After all of this testing, our team was able to nail down the XP™ 3.0 logistics and make an eBike that blows our competition out of the water. 

XP™ 3.0 Electric Bike Accessories and Upgrades

Part of the testing process had to do with the "brain" of our eBikes, the Motor Controller. After many trial and error runs, we are thrilled to share that the XP™ 3.0's controller is now temperature-protected. This controller will be crucial for getting up tougher hills and mastering rough terrain types. 

Another great upgrade within the XP™ 3.0 design is the all-new Elite Headlight upgrade option - producing four times the brightness of our standard headlight option. This upgraded accessory will be perfect for riders commuting and adventuring late at night, so that they can see and be seen with ease. 

A quieter motor, increased torque, better brakes, longevity boosters, and added suspension are only a few of the many notable upgrades with this epic eBike design. Best of all, brand-new optimized gearing makes riding at higher speeds smoother than ever before! The XP™ 3.0 is also compatible with all-new accessory options including the Yepp Seat and Passenger Package, which can mount onto our newly strengthened rack!

Start Your Next Electric Bike Adventure

Overall, the XP™ 3.0 takes our award-winning XP™ 2.0 design to the next level, providing our best ride to date. We can't wait to see the adventures our riders have with this awesome new ride. Shop our XP™ 3.0 series eBikes today, and join us for the ride! 

"We want to make sure that this eBike can withstand the test of time. This is the best money our customers could ever spend." - Robby

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