Exploring Baja's Enchanting San Felipe on an eBike

Exploring Baja's Enchanting San Felipe on an eBike

Christian and Nate are full-time RVers, travelers, parents, and avid eBikers. They spend their days exploring the country with their family and often turn to their eBikes as a convenient method to explore new places! 

Within the past year, they've taken us along for the ride in picturesque places such as Zion National Park, Salt Lake City, Santa BarbaraLas Vegas, and Palm Springs. This time, they are headed to the beautiful Baja California coast. Keep reading to learn about their experience there! 


Welcome to San Felipe!

Welcome to San Felipe - A picturesque coastal town in Baja California that offers a truly unique eBiking experience. Discover the charm of this region as we guide you through the best attractions, top-notch restaurants, and essential safety information for an unforgettable adventure.


eBiking in San Felipe: Embracing the Baja Vibe

San Felipe's pleasant climate, scenic beauty, and laid-back atmosphere make it an ideal destination for eBiking enthusiasts. Embrace the Baja vibe as you cruise along the stunning coastline, soak in breathtaking desert landscapes, and explore the town's vibrant streets. eBikes, with their electric assistance, make it easy to cover longer distances and conquer hilly terrains effortlessly, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the region's natural wonders.

San Felipe


Must-Visit Attractions

  1. Malecón: San Felipe's waterfront promenade offers picturesque views, vibrant shops, and lively bars. Take a leisurely ride along the Malecón to witness stunning sunsets over the Sea of Cortez.
  2. Valle de los Gigantes: Embark on an adventurous eBike journey to Valle de los Gigantes, a stunning desert region known for its towering cacti. Marvel at these ancient giants as you pedal through the otherworldly landscape.
  3. El Dorado Ranch: Explore the expansive El Dorado Ranch, a gated community offering scenic trails suitable for e-biking. Discover hidden coves, pristine beaches, and serene desert vistas.
  4. Sea of Cortez: Baja's eastern coastline is home to the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez. Take breaks from biking to indulge in snorkeling, kayaking, or simply bask in the sun on the sandy beaches.


Delectable Dining Experiences

  1. El Nido: Treat your taste buds to exquisite seafood delights at El Nido, where fresh catches are expertly prepared with a Mexican flair. Savor the ceviche and shrimp tacos while enjoying the laid-back beachfront ambiance.
  2. Mariscos La Vaquita: For a casual dining experience, head to Mariscos La Vaquita. Delight in their seafood specialties, such as fish tacos and seafood cocktails, known for their generous portions and affordable prices.
  3. La Vaquita Marina: Indulge in a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine at La Vaquita Marina. Enjoy their mouthwatering steaks, flavorful tacos, and refreshing margaritas while overlooking the marina.

Baja, California!


Safety Tips for eBiking in San Felipe

  1. Wear protective gear: Always wear a helmet and consider additional protective gear like knee and elbow pads.
  2. Keep your eyes open: Throughout the city there are sidewalks to ride, but remember that the traffic laws are different in Mexico. Keep your eyes open.
  3. Observe traffic rules: Follow traffic regulations, stay on designated bike paths whenever available, and be mindful of pedestrians and other vehicles.
  4. Hydrate adequately: Baja's desert climate calls for ample hydration. Carry sufficient water and replenish regularly to stay hydrated during your e-biking adventures.
  5. Plan your routes: Familiarize yourself with the local maps and plan your routes in advance to avoid any potential hazards or challenging terrains.


To Sum It Up

eBiking in San Felipe opens up a world of exciting adventures, incredible landscapes, and delectable dining experiences. Embrace the charm of this Baja town as you explore its captivating attractions, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, and ensure a safe and memorable journey. Grab your eBike and embark on an unforgettable Baja adventure today!

This is a nature-lover’s dream masquerading as an urban jungle. With the powerful 48v Lithium Ion battery in all Lectric XP 2.0 eBikes, you’ll have plenty of range left to ride back to your vehicle at Liberty Park.

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