Introducing: The Lectric XP™ 3.0

Introducing: The Lectric XP™ 3.0

Here at Lectric eBikes, our focus has always been on the experience of the ride. Making fun and affordable eBikes available to the masses is no simple task, but our team's mission is to make the eBiking eXPerience accessible for all. That's why over 250,000 riders have joined us since our launch just three years ago!

The iconic XP™ 2.0 eBike series speaks for itself in terms of experience, providing a high-quality and powerful ride at an industry-shattering price. Our engineering team has spent the past year and a half listening to XP™ 2.0 adventurers, and further perfecting the XP™ design. From their research, they knew that it was time to kick the utility of the design up a notch.

We're thrilled to now introduce The Lectric XP™ 3.0

About the New eBike Design

As the industry's first fully-foldable eBike designed to carry two people, the XP™ 3.0 includes our newly strengthened rear rack that can accommodate up to 150lbs. Paired with an upgraded 11-28 tooth freewheel, the new design will allow you to feel the power behind your pedaling at any speed. 

The XP™ 3.0 maintains the fully-foldable frame that our riders know and love. It is also equipped with our next-gen 1000W peak motor, this eBike will give you all the torque and assistance you need in order to carry a second rider behind you.

To provide extra confidence for you and your passenger, we’ve included a brand new passenger mode as well as full compatibility with our 14amp long-range battery.

All of our existing fan-favorite accessories are also compatible with this awesome new ride, including our Wag-Along Pet Trailer, Cargo Baskets, Comfort Package, and more

Since the XP™ 3.0 eBike can accommodate heftier delivery loads, we’re also launching brand new Food Delivery Packages - built to keep up with all of your cargo needs! We can't wait to see the Uber Eats, Doordash, and GrubHub drivers take on the road with this efficient new line of eBikes and delivery boxes.

We know that comfort is key when it comes to riding Lectric, which is why we also improved the XP™ 3.0's braking power by adding 180mm disc brakes and increased the front suspension to 50mm. For those late-night rides, we’ve also engineered a brand-new Elite headlight, so you can see and be seen with confidence. 

Tough terrain? No problem! Each eBike comes standard with pre-installed Slime to keep your tires in tip-top shape while on the go.

As always, each XP™ 3.0 eBike includes a free one-year warranty, backed by our full US customer service base.

Learn more about the design process behind the XP™ 3.0 electric bike here

The XP™ Series

We can't wait to see the adventures this awesome new generation of our XP™ series will accomplish! We have new trails to blaze, roads to take on, and great views to see.


We're thrilled to launch the XP™ 3.0 design alongside our unbeatable Black Friday bundle sale - Providing you with $277 in free accessories with the purchase of any of these epic new eBikes! Hop on and ride with us today! 

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