Lectric’s Long-Range eBike Batteries

Lectric’s Long-Range eBike Batteries

How Long Do Electric Bike Batteries Last? 

Our factory batteries (and most factory electric bike batteries) last for up to 40 miles per 4-6 hours of charge. This is an average, but the exact time/mileage depends on weight load, terrain, weather, and other conditions. This factory battery comes equipped on all Lectric eBikes, and it is a great option for shorter rides, more frequent charging, and budget-conscious riders. Of course, the standard battery is not a "one-size fits all" piece of equipment. Some of the riders we’ve heard from have a longer commute, less access to charging, and simply want to explore far from home on their Lectric eBike.

Introducing Lectric’s Long-Range Electric Bike Battery

Now, you can go the distance with Lectric! Our new Long-Range eBike Battery provides 14 Ah of power, increasing riders' range by 45% so that they can take on longer, more rigorous adventures! It encompasses an impressive 672 watt-hour capacity and 48 volts to get you through everyday errands, or brand new experiences without worrying about charge levels.

Our co-founder and CEO, Levi Conlow, explains a bit more about how the Long-Range Battery came to be. "Following a survey of Lectric riders, we recognized that there's this very real appetite from not just prospective customers, but also existing customers for the ability to go on longer rides. We're all about having people feel confident in their riding experience. I don't want people to feel concerned that they might run out of battery, so we set out to eliminate that concern by offering this Long-Range Battery."

The Long-Range Battery is compatible with all XP™ 1.0 and 2.0 series eBikes. Get yours today with any XP™ 2.0 series eBike purchase, or individually and take your ride to the next level!

Watch: Go the Distance with Lectric’s Long-Range Battery


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