An Affordable eBike: The Lectric XP Lite

An Affordable eBike: The Lectric XP Lite

Affordable eBikes for the Masses

There tends to be a stigma surrounding electric bicycles noting that they're a luxury item, and only available to an elite few who can afford them. Here at Lectric eBikes, we're on a mission to make the carefree fun of eBiking available to the masses with affordable and easy-to-use options. 

We believe creating affordable eBikes will allow more riders than ever before to reap the sustainable, healthy, and fun benefits that eBiking has to offer! In doing so, we also believe that keeping the quality of our eBike high is imperative. Despite our consistently low price points, we continue to use some of the best name-brand parts out there and ensure top-notch inspections before shipping the eXPerience of a lifetime across North America.


The Best of Affordable Electric Bikes

Last spring, our team here at Lectric eBikes decided to make all of the sizable benefits of eBiking within reach for riders who may have a smaller budget. We wanted every cost-conscious rider, including everyone from college students on a budget battling loans and high rent-paying NYC apartment dwellers, to be able to enjoy the ride.  

Our XP Lite was released in April of 2022 with an industry-shattering price point of just $799. That price tag makes it one of the lowest-priced foldable eBikes on the market. The affordable design doesn't skip the quality, comfort, or speed found in its costly competitors, however. 

Each XP Lite eBike maintains the core features that Lectric riders know and love about the original XP series eBikes - which have led to over 250,000 riders on the roads with Lectric to date! The XP Lite is, simply put, more maneuverable, lighter, and more compact.

A twist grip throttle option and five levels of pedal assist allow XP Lite riders to own the roads with confidence and agility. This eBike’s single-speed functionality is perfect for riders on the go and looking for a simple transportation solution. With a 720W peak rear hub motor, the XP Lite is able to get you from point A to point B in a speedy and nimble manner.


Stack Savings with the XP Lite eBike

Commuting by XP Lite also saves riders from the not-so-fun rollercoaster that is current gas prices. Plugging in and charging up your eBike's battery is far less costly and more convenient than filling your car up with fuel at the pump. The Lectric XP Lite's already affordable starting price point makes the gas savings even sweeter, without a doubt. 

Don't have a bike rack for your vehicle to take the adventure on the road with you? No need to buy one! The XP Lite can fold down to just 36L x 16W x 26H”, allowing your eBike to fit into the trunk of small cars and easily slide in between tight spaces in an RV, apartment, or office.

Cut costs and join the "eBike boom" with the approachable, foldable, and affordable XP Lite! You can shop the rest of our affordable and foldable eBike options including the XPremium, XPedition, XP 2.0, and XP 3.0 long-range series eBikes here

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