We Powered a Remote Island with Beast Philanthropy

We Powered a Remote Island with Beast Philanthropy

It's time for another project update with the Beast Philanthropy team! Our continuing efforts with this awesome organization have allowed us to lend a helping hand in projects including rebuilding an orphanage in Africa, donating over 20,000 pairs of shoes to those in need, and helping out the Hopi Tribe here in Arizona. 

This time, we're heading to Colombia! Keep reading to learn how we partnered with MrBeast to provide a remote community with the water, power, and food they need daily. 


A remote island in Colombia sounds like paradise to some. Days filled with sunshine, beaches, and bright, invigorating tradition. One particular island, however, sadly struggles to provide its 250 residents with access to running water, fresh food, electricity, and internet. 

These challenges create massive threats during emergencies, limited opportunities for economic growth, and an inability to learn and solve problems on their own. Through MrBeast's research, it was evident that this island's isolation was severely impacting the quality of its people's lives. 

That's why MrBeast decided to send some of his finest philanthropists to the island to build a solar grid, providing reliable electricity to the islanders and allowing them to enjoy air conditioning and new technology on their own.

The team also installed a vast internet system to seamlessly connect the island's people with the rest of the world! Internet access allows these people to seek education for themselves, and discover solutions to problems they may be facing. Most importantly, it allows islanders to communicate with the outside world in case of emergency. 

The MrBeast team was highly impressed by the islanders' incredible resourcefulness, given the few materials they had. One thing that was lacking, however, was an opportunity for women on the island to earn money for themselves. They often relied on their husbands to provide solely for the family. 

That's when the team decided to take their help a step further than solar power and internet access. They decided to completely refurbish and renovate a nearby building into a fully-functional bakery. In building this bakery, they would provide a lasting food supply for the islanders as well as a lasting means for women on the island to provide for themselves and their families. 


Our team here at Lectric is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of these projects with MrBeast, and we can't wait for you to see the next one! Thanks to you, we're able to improve the lives of those less fortunate. We appreciate you being a part of our family! 

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