Charge over the river and through the woods with the XP 3.0

RV enthusiasts and avid campers cherish the freedom and independence that comes with life on the road and adventures into wide open spaces. The perfect gifts, be it big or small, help those outdoorsy pals enjoy their wandering lifestyle and quest for new experiences. With theLectric XP 3.0, riders can get the additional range and versatility that comes with America’s best-selling eBike. Also foldable and easy to transport for RVers, the XP 3.0 can be outfitted with a wide variety of accessories.

The XP Lite

For the RV aficionado, the ease and portability of an eBike like the Lectric XP Lite is the perfect addition that will expand their radius. Once they’ve rolled up their rig to a new destination, they’ll offload their foldable eBikes and explore the world beyond the campground.

The XP Lite has the core features of Lectric’s most popular eBikes while being more maneuverable, lighter, and more compact. It has single-speed functionality, a twist grip throttle option, and five levels of pedal assist that’s perfect for on-the-go riders who want a simple transportation solution.

RV & Camping Gifts

Handy accessories are always a win when gifting adventurers–they travel light but need convenient and efficient ways to carry gear, s'mores supplies, or equipment. Rack-mounted Front and Rear Baskets offer a sturdy and spacious ride for all kinds of carry-alongs. And the baskets are fully compatible with standard and premium headlights.

Soft Cooler

The Soft Cooler crafted perfectly for the Large Basket keeps food fresh while out and about. The Lectric 35-liter capacity Soft Cooler is made of foldable waterproof material and keeps the eggnog cold. It includes four pockets and a shoulder sling strap for optimal organization and easy transportation.

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Portable Electric Air Pump

Another necessity for eBike riders who like to be prepared for anything the trail dishes out is the Portable Electric Air Pump. For peace of mind while you’re on a long ride or convenience at home in between adventures, the air pump is rechargeable, lightweight, and roughly the size of a water bottle. For added convenience, the air pump has a handy flashlight, a tire pressure meter, and a USB-A port for charging your cell phone.

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Passenger Package

The Passenger Package comes with a plush passenger seat, passenger handlebar and easy-to-mount foot pegs. Compatible with the XP 3.0, it allows you to carry a fellow caroler with you (up to 150lbs).

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