How to redeem your eBike rebate voucher

Step 1: Apply for the eBike Rebate from the City of Lafayette. The application is open April 1 through May 5, 2024. You will find out if you are approved on May 17, 2024.

Step 2: Choose which Lectric eBike you would like! Qualifying eBikes include the XP Lite, XP 3.0, XPedition, ONE, and XP Trike.

Step 3: Email your voucher information and a form of ID to Then, call us at (888) 546-3139 and we will help you apply the rebate and order your eBike!

We are available M-F 9am-5pm PT. Your voucher can only be redeemed by calling the Lectric eBikes team.


I have my voucher, what do I do now?

Email your voucher information and a form of ID to and call Lectric eBikes at (888) 546-3139 (M-F 8am-5pm PDT) to order your Lectric eBike!

When can I apply for the Lafayette eBike Rebate?

Find the date and time for the next rebate voucher application opening here.

Because there is a limited number of vouchers, you will be notified after applying if you qualify.

I don't live in Lafayette, can I get a voucher for a Lectric eBike?

Right now, Lafayette is the only Colorado city with eBike rebates open.

Can I test ride or buy a Lectric eBike in person?

You can find a full list of Lectric test ride locations here.

If you would like to order an eBike with a rebate voucher you will have to order from our team. You cannot buy a Lectric eBikes from a dealer and apply the Lafayette rebate.

Disclaimer: Taxes vary depending on region of Colorado. Rebate vouchers do not apply to any sales tax.