We're Giving Away 1,000 Lectric eBikes with MrBeast!

We're Giving Away 1,000 Lectric eBikes with MrBeast!

Our most recent project with our friends over at Beast Philanthropy happens to be our biggest one yet, and we're ecstatic to share it with you! After helping them carry out impactful philanthropy projects in South Africa, Colombia, and our home state of Arizona, we're ready to start another philanthropy journey in Kenya. 

In addition to this awesome project, we're giving away 1,000 Lectric eBikes to continental U.S. residents! Nominate yourself or someone you know here for a chance to win.

Let's head to Kenya to see how our XPedition cargo eBikes have helped clean water delivery workers double their efficiency! 


In Kenya, a lack of clean drinking water forces villagers to depend on desalination plants for clean drinking water. These plants clean salty brine water that is naturally available in Kenya, and turn it into pure, drinkable water! Consuming untreated water can lead to disease, suffering, or death.

Since there are only a few desalination plants and a lack of plumbing infrastructure to transport the clean water throughout Kenya, locals must utilize bicycles to transport and deliver millions of gallons of water on a daily basis.

One delivery rider in particular, Mr. Barraza, loads up 52 gallons of water (weighing in at 430 lbs!) on his bicycle and makes up to seven deliveries per day. Their delivery routes are often extremely strenuous and obstacles along the way can cause extreme damage to their already well-worn bicycles. 

The Lectric XPedition is a cargo eBike that's fully optimized for work efficiency and perfect for the job these hard-working delivery riders perform. Knowing this, the MrBeast team surprised a few local riders with XPeditions of their own.

To the riders' delight, the eBikes make it possible for them to deliver twice as much water as usual, with far less effort than before. They're able to charge their eBikes for free thanks to nearby solar plants. This will not only benefit communities in need at large, but it will also provide twice the income for the workers' families - making it easier for them to escape poverty. 

The MrBeast team brought XPedition eBikes to eight different cities in Kenya with desalination plants, as well as a women's center in Haiti. The video showcases just a few of the awesome smiles beaming from the riders' faces with a new outlook on their day-to-day routine. 

As we witnessed first-hand throughout this project, electric bikes can help solve a variety of different challenges throughout the world. We know that there are thousands of people out there who's lives could be changed for the better by owning an eBike. That's why we're so excited to get our donation of 1,000 Lectric eBikes in the hands of those in need! If you are or know someone who's life could change for the better by owning an eBike, be sure to submit your nomination here

We look forward to seeing these eBikes rack up the miles to help those in need. Here's to their brighter future, and the next project with Beast Philanthropy! ⚡️

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